There is an elegant building from the early 20th Century in via Spartaco, in the very heart of the Milan fashion district. 
On the second floor, in a space with the cosiness of a private residence, since 2006, dune has been showcasing its collections to an affectionate clientele.

A well recognizable and distinctive taste and a great coherence is at the base of every choice within the showroom. The collections are carefully selected for their superior quality and their particular verve. The brands are followed closely, season after season, through a long lasting relationship that represents great added value both for the company and the clients.

The relationships at dune are born and grow face to face, and they are always two-ways. The knowledge of the clients, the stores and the brands is deep and it is based on real affinities and shared intents. All this is based on passion, expertise, commitment and creativity. 

This is a special place, where whoever is invited to enter, will feel at home.

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