Founded in Milan in 2012, Minina is a line of clothing for girls ages 2 to 12 years. This year, the offer expands with a Women's Collection.  

The garments, designed and produced exclusively in Milan, follow in all phases of production the quality and the attention typical of the Made in Italy product, with a full respect of environment and materials.

The inspiration of the new prints, derives from the ancient Japanese art Ukiyo-e ("image of the floating world"). The shades are deep and dusty. Introspective and poetic blue-gray, almost meditative, and different shades of green taken directly from the vegetable world, such as olive green and green jackdaw. Protagonists also ocher and tobacco, which meet delicate pink hues of different tones and shades.

The fabrics of the new collection are precious wools, Scottish wools, striped and checked, as well as warm cottons and velvet, smooth and ribbed.